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Muziki, Social Music

About Muziki

Making music the Wiki way

Muziki is an online music collaboration tool where everyone can create new tracks, listen to existing tracks, and... change them! A site where music never sounds the same...

Muziki is... well, basically it works like Wikipedia, but we have songs and music instead of articles. Anyone can create a new track or edit an existing one. Found a song that's just perfect, except for the guitar? Just change it! You can change the melody, add a beat (or remove it), program a new bass line... it's up to you.


On Muziki you make music together with people you've never seen. It is not a standard band collaboration tool where closed groups work together on one piece of music, it's all about collaboration by people who have different ideas about music and bringing those ideas together in the same song.

On Muziki, working together doesn't have to be all about agreeing. If you start a song, it's wonderful to come back later and find that someone turned it into the beautiful tune you were hoping for. But it can be just as exciting if someone does exactly the opposite of what you were hoping for... and it sounds great.

Ever changing

On Muziki it's possible for everyone to edit everything... every time! That means the music is always changing. If you hear a song today and you listen to it again next week it will probably sound different. The music is never finished, but always in motion.

Maybe after a while some songs will not be edited anymore and 'die'. But other songs may keep changing for years, until every single note has been changed, but it's still, in a way, the same song.

Easy to use

And it's easy! You don't have to be an experienced musician to contribute to the music you hear on Muziki. So what are you waiting for?


Muziki was started by Pieter Wackers, and programmed by Arthur Clemens. Graphic design Rutger Vos.


This site is created with Foswiki, Perl, NodeJS, HTML5 and Flash.

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